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  • Best Places to Have Tea in England

    Pinkies up! This divine list of English tea rooms/restaurants/cafés each offer their own unique twist to the British afternoon tea. When we think of tea rooms in England, we think of high-quality, ...

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    Best Places to Have Tea in England
  • Spring Fashion Trends 2023

    (Shop Them Now!) You heard it right, the dark days of winter are over! Spring trends are always the most exciting for me. Everyone has recovered from the holidays, we’ve accepted that our New ...

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    Spring Fashion Trends 2023
  • America’s Forgotten First Presidents

    (Yes, Before George Washington!) With President’s Day coming up on the third Monday in February, schools around the United States will be teaching young learners the history of America’s leaders. ...

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    America’s Forgotten First Presidents
  • Valentine’s Day Revealed

    When it comes to the widely celebrated holiday, known for its symbolism for love, or as others view it - a clever commercialized marketing scheme, very few actually know of its cultural and historical ...

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    Valentine’s Day Revealed
  • Best Castles in the UK

    There are so many amazing castles in the UK, estimated to be over 4,000 across the lands. From fortifications that have defended the island nation to castles that have acted as places of residency ...

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    Best Castles in the UK

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